Powerfully simple software designed for your small business.

Retain, manage and grow your customer base with a set of flexible, cloud-based, web applications built to work with Office 365.

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Leverage Your Contacts

Work together around your organization’s most important asset. Create a shared library of contacts within your company that can also be managed in Outlook. Track and manage valuable prospects without leaving your inbox.

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Build Strong Relationships

Easily create and check-off follow-ups to ensure that your customers and prospects get the right experience. Keep your team on-point with helpful email reminders.

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Grow Your Business

No matter how simple; having some kind of formal sales pipeline in place with defined stages and time frames will always lead to an increase in revenue growth.

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Keep Customers Coming Back

Add-on app for staff working directly with customers. Maintains a centralized record of interactions for 100% customer satisfaction!

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